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Welcome to the Korean Drama Podcast, the K-Drama rewatch podcast by (and for) people who don't watch Korean Dramas. In this podcast, host Will Choi, creator of the Asian AF comedy show at UCB and host of the Drunk Monk podcast, invites some of his friends to join him each season to watch a different classic Korean Drama. Join us each week to experience the reactions of Will and his co-hosts to the dramatically over-the-top world of K-Dramas.

Season 1: Boys Over Flowers w/ Phil Yu & Joanna Lee

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    Boys Over Flowers #10

    Last week our "one true pairing" finally came together, so in Korean drama world, that can only mean one thing... it's time for the CURVEBALL! The tilt comes in the form of Perm Boy's mother (perm-mom?) who does not approve of the sorta cute and cheesy relationship we've grown to tolerate over the past 9 episodes. Our hosts analyze her multi-phase Machiavellian plot to separate our plucky heroes. Will she succeed?

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    Boys Over Flowers #9

    The creepy sleepover continues into episode 9 of Boys Over Flowers as Jun Pyo (the Perm Boy) is treated to his very own commoner montage and discovers what he's been missing all his life. This episode then introduces us to a real jerk boyfriend, sweet club revenge, and finally, a for reals consensual kiss! Also, our hosts share their Korean spa stories.

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    Boys Over Flowers #8

    After a slow episode last week, episode 8 of Boys Over Flowers has it all, a long and complicated con, robot grudges, custom hockey jerseys, and creepy sleepovers! We also learn about our hosts' childhood hairstyles (including the fact that one of them had a child perm).

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    Boys Over Flowers #7

    This week we learn that sports can solve all of life's problems, specifically horse riding, car racing, and swimming! We also meet some new characters including older sisters and the first adult in the series (who turns out to be useless). Also, some Fast and Furious talk!

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    Boys Over Flowers #6

    This episode, our hosts are treated to some eye candy, wonder what purpose Ringo plays in the story, and contemplate the show's playlist of 4 songs. And then finally, THE KISS! So it's over, our heroes get together and live happily ever after! Wait, there's 21 more episodes?!?!

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    Boys Over Flowers #5

    In episode 5, it's all hard swings as we go from brutal bullying, to a dashing rescue, to an... island vacation episode? As our hosts are treated to an advertisement for the island of New Caledonia, they also chat about beauty standards and personal Korean food tastes

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    Boys Over Flowers #4

    In this episode, our hosts are faced with even more K-Drama tropes including personal space issues, awkward tardy dates (in the snow) and JEALOUSY! New rival Oh Minji adds drama to the drama and our hosts are powerless to resist. Also, Korean Drama bullying is no joke (don't bully)

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    Boys Over Flowers #3

    Our host dive back into the story of Perm Boy, Violin Guy, Pottery Boy, and Ringo for Boys Over Flowers episode 3. As the hosts try to piece together the not quite love triangle (or a line with 3 points) forming among the characters, they continue to wonder where all the adults are?

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    Boys Over Flowers #2

    In this episode, our hosts return to take on episode 2 of Boys Over Flowers. Still getting used to all the K-Drama tropes, our hosts are bewildered by "so many crimes", lavish school trips, and a bunch of semi-stalking. Also everyone loves the Pretty Unni/Cool Nuna.

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    Boys Over Flowers #1

    Welcome to the Korean Drama season 1 premiere! In the first episode of the classic 2009 K-Drama Boys Over Flowers our hosts are introduced to the world of Shinhwa High School and its resident rich boy bullies the "F4" through the eyes of protagonist Jan Di.

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