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Welcome to the Korean Drama Podcast, the K-Drama rewatch podcast by (and for) people who don't watch Korean Dramas. In this podcast, host Will Choi, creator of the Asian AF comedy show at UCB and host of the Drunk Monk podcast, invites some of his friends to join him each season to watch a different classic Korean Drama. Join us each week to experience the reactions of Will and his co-hosts to the dramatically over-the-top world of K-Dramas.

Season 1: Boys Over Flowers w/ Phil Yu & Joanna Lee

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    Boys Over Flowers #19

    In this episode, our hosts recap Boys Over Flowers #19, Perm Boy's mom continues her spy games, surprise pizza trucks, how pottery boy sucks now, but Ringo is still keeping it real. Also, our hosts explain the strange and punitive world of Korean childrens' games.

    Episode 19 Synopsis: Jun Pyo's mother delivers a warning to Jan Di. Ji Hoo tries to cope with his past. Yi Jung falls into a self-destructive spiral. No one is in a good place when they meet for a housewarming party, but an impromptu game of "Truth or Dare" proves more revealing than they ever expected.

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    Boys Over Flowers #18

    Just another episode of Boys over Flowers, innocent misunderstandings, Ringo fighting fools, Jun Pyo realizing that he's a jerk... wait that's new! In this episode, Perm Boy finally learns that he's been a dick for the past 17 episodes and tries to make good, by learning to eat ramyun! Ramyun so good that our hosts go on an extended discussion on the goodness of ramyun.

    Episode 18 Synopsis: Jae Kyung makes a move on Jun Pyo. With kisses shared and rings exchanged, their wedding seems like a done deal, but Jun Pyo can't resist one last trip to Jan Di's house. Will he be able to accept a future without her? Does Jan Di even want him anymore?

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    Boys Over Flowers #17

    It's episode 17! As we move towards the final arcs of Boys Over Flowers, we're introduced to a pottery girl, witness a ramen challenge, and Perm Boy learned to swim?!?!?! (Character development!) Also, Jan Di needs to be saved a lot and there's a bunch of misunderstandings. Just another week with the F4!

    Episode 17 Synopsis: Family drama abounds as Ji Hoo struggles with his past and Yi Jung is forced to deal with his philandering father. Even Jun Pyo confronts his mother, but the answers he receives do little to change the situation he's stuck in. With wedding bells looming, how much longer can the act really last?

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    Boys Over Flowers #16

    In episode 16, JK (Perm Boy's fiance), whom all the hosts kinda like, tries to be friends with everyone but really just causes more drama. We also learn more about our hosts' relationship with sleepovers, drinking culture, and Korean food (Specifically the lies Will's mom told him about soba noodles).

    Episode 16 Synopsis: She may be Jun Pyo's new fiancee, but Jan Di finds it hard to hate the fun, friendly Jae Kyung, which gets her into trouble when Jae Kyung wants advice for the best way to win Jun Pyo's heart. Jun Pyo's mother isn't making things any easier, either... especially now that she's targeting Jan Di's family.

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    Boys Over Flowers #15

    Our heroes wrap up their adventures in Macau and return to birthday parties, new jobs, and ... MORE DRAMA! Our hosts struggle to root for the relationships the show wants them to root for, and the relationships they actually want to root for. Also, a (very) in depth discussion on strategies to tackle public restrooms.

    Episode 15 Synopsis: Jun Pyo is falling to pieces without Jan Di, but reconciliation is further than ever when his mother makes a surprise announcement about his future. Jan Di wonders if the pain is even worth it. Ji Hoo tries his hand at damage control. Jae Kyung just wants to go home.

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    Boys Over Flowers #14

    In this episode, more fun in Macau (including masks and gondola karaoke) and more drama with Perm Boy's mama! Our hosts discuss if it's possible to have a sudden change of heart. They also discuss where the "Boys over Flowers" actors are now and imagine an alternate Korean Drama following Pottery Boy and Ringo's action detective adventures.

    Episode 14 Synopsis: Still in Macau, Jan Di meets a friendly stranger named Jae Kyung, but of course there's more to the story that what meets the eye. The F4 confront Jun Pyo about how he's treating Jan Di. What secrets are driving him to ignore the girl he loves? How did his mother get to him?

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    Boys Over Flowers #13

    TIME SKIP! We catch up with our plucky K-Drama heroes as we enter what is essentially "season 2" of Boys Over Flowers. In this episode, we follow Jan Di to Macau in search of the Perm Boy who left her behind. Host Will also learns where and what a Macau is. Oh, and the mystery of the Juk man deepens.

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    Boys Over Flowers #12

    Picking up from last episode's cliffhanger, Jan Di is rescued from the creepy model guy and the crew takes (another) trip to unwind, this time to the slopes! In this episode, possessive gift giving, why Jun Pyo needs to stop trusting mean girls, Jan Di's fainting problem, cute DIY bentos, and consensual kissing!

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    Boys Over Flowers #11

    In this episode, a delicious ramyun scene, suspicious modeling jobs, and all around poor decision making from our heroine Jan Di as she ends up on the wrong side (again!) of the F4. We also meet a nice boy/potential love rival that seems almost too well adjusted for this show... until he suddenly becomes a creepy kidnapper...

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    Boys Over Flowers #10

    Last week our "one true pairing" finally came together, so in Korean drama world, that can only mean one thing... it's time for the CURVEBALL! The tilt comes in the form of Perm Boy's mother (perm-mom?) who does not approve of the sorta cute and cheesy relationship we've grown to tolerate over the past 9 episodes. Our hosts analyze her multi-phase Machiavellian plot to separate our plucky heroes. Will she succeed?

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